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The Practical Skills University 2023 logo is a lightbulb. It symbolizes the mission PSU was founded on which is to enlighten our clients to create healthy pathways to achieving their desired success. The powerful imagery and bold colors reflect the "lightbulb moment" clients experience when they implement PSU's efficient, streamlined processes.

Syrena Williams, owner of PSU, is a licensed an ICF certified professional business coach who has made it her mission to help individuals succeed in their personal and business endeavors. With over 15 years of experience in business planning, strategic planning, project management, and facilitation, Syrena has honed her skills and expertise to deliver powerful, mindset-shifting interactions to her clients.

Syrena's passion for providing clear resources needed for her community to succeed is evident in her work. She has served as a consultant to various organizations, providing extensive support to identify goals and recommend solutions to unresolved issues. She has also mentored numerous Black-owned businesses to help them improve their back-office processes and procedures. Her work has allowed her to grow and utilize varied skill sets to enhance the skills, goals, and capabilities of others.

As the CEO of Practical Skills University, Syrena leads a community of professionals through education classes, she co-facilitates the Business Professional Certified Coaching Program with Transformation Edge Coaching & Consulting, and taught entrepreneurship courses for over a decade at NCCU School of Law. She is also an active service member in her community in Durham, North Carolina, demonstrating her commitment to giving back and helping others.

Syrena's approach to business coaching and legal services is rooted in her belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to succeed. She recognizes that each client is unique, with different needs, goals, and aspirations, and works to tailor her services to meet those individual needs. Whether working with individuals or organizations, Syrena's goal is always to help her clients achieve their desired success while also protecting their interests and ensuring their long-term success.

We've worked together as a team to develop a symbol of her mission to empower business success. Her passion, dedication, and commitment to her clients are evident in her work, and her logo serves as a reminder of her commitment to intellectual enlightenment. 

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